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Utility Trash Pumps Wet Prime (T)

  • Wet priming/Self-priming.
  • Heavy duty steel protective roll cage.
  • Up to 1.75 inch solids handling
  • Replaceable cast iron volute and impeller as well as durable rubber-lined wear plate.
  • corrosive aluminum pump housing.
  • front pull-out design
  • for ease of service.
  • portable close-coupled design available with gas or diesel engine.

Solids Handling Pumps Dry Prime (JSV)

  • High capacity and head performance
  • Ultra high efficiency pump with fast dry-priming and automatic re-priming
  • Up to 4 inches solids handling
  • High air handling and vacuum capability with air cooled system providing efficiency and longevity
  • Heavy-duty cast iron casing and brackets as well as impeller and wear rings
  • Stress proof stainless steel shaft sleeves and abrasion resistant tungsten carbide seals
  • Various diesel or electric motor options

Solids Handling Dry Prime, Compressor Assisted (JSC)

  • Capable of dry-priming and automatic re-priming
  • Large solids handling up to 4 inches
  • Available with compressor assisted dry-priming using the exclusive Enviroprime System®
  • Available in a compact close coupled design for less maintenance and expense with lighter weight
  • Heavy duty cast iron casing and brackets as well as impeller and wear rings
  • Available with auto-start control and safety shutdown
  • Can be equipped with diesel electric of alternative fuel engines